v14.2 Hotfix Release Notes - 18 May 2023

Release notes - WinCan VX - 1.2023.14.2

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Bug Fixes

  • WVX-8638 Map Message Action Does Not Work on Nodes Anymore

  • WVX-8593 [MAP] right click "Show section measurements" - window doesn't open, nothing happens

  • WVX-8600 Wrong geometry if inspection contains bending observation

  • WVX-8605 3D measurement data gone after opening and closing lateral detail form

  • WVX-8608 3D measurement: Rotate and Scale backwards measurement

  • WVX-8611 Cannot connect to HTTPS Distributed License

  • WVX-8619 MetaDB (index) does not work for new projects

  • WVX-8623 [SDK.GIS] Section shape based on observations might not end at end node

  • WVX-8625 Import and Export Problem at ISYBAU XML

  • WVX-8639 Map Edit Tools Flips the Geometry

  • WVX-8650 Editing Observations Moves VX to the Most Recent Inspection

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